Tuscany, Italy


Finding Your Balance: Exploring Yin and Yang in Yoga and in Life   May 18 - 25, 2019

with Jaime Boswell, Kathy Fotterall, Lisa Ruddy

This retreat is all about enjoying life, travel, food, wine and friends with a sense of calm, serenity, and quieting. 
The yoga practices will include a mix of yang and yin practices to help you find the perfect balance to enjoy this adventure without going home depleted. 
This retreat, led by a team of compassionate and enthusiastic yoga teachers, offers you a stress-free chance to... 
  •  start and end your day with a yoga practice with none of life's daily distractions,
  • learn about the balance between yin and yang - nurturing and energizing - to help bring more ease and joy to life,
  • enjoy the natural beauty of the Tuscan hills nestled in a beautiful valley,
  • enjoy traditional Tuscan meals (made with mostly organic and local ingredients) without having to do any of the work to prepare them,
  • explore the local vineyards, olive groves, chestnut woods, cafes and old world villages,
  • relax in the peacefulness of a villa located on a sustainable farm, surrounded by over 30 hectares of woodlands.  
Soak up the real Tuscany while nestled into a valley surrounded by woodlands, vineyards, olive groves and mountain streams, with spectacular views and untouched landscapes. 
Roll out of bed and into a beautiful yoga room to get your day started...with your senses fully awakened from your practice, enjoy the breakfast that will be awaiting you...the day is then yours to enjoy, walking in the country, relaxing at the villa, wine tasting, horseback riding, wandering villages...then come back together for an evening yoga practice, followed by a traditional Tuscan dinner as the sun sets over the hills.     
We are a team of three yoga teachers that have experienced the benefits of yoga and want to share them with you while we take in the Tuscan experience together. 
We are everyday people that know about stress, life challenges, and physical discomforts in the body, and have experienced how yoga can help us to more fully enjoy live life. 
We are all Kripalu-trained yoga teachers, with many years of practice and in depth studies with an array of teachers and styles from which to draw for our teachings. 
The practices will weave together work for the breath, body and mind, always honoring the individual needs of each person. Each day will include some yin and yang in the physical yoga practice.
The yin practices may include what is traditionally know as Yin Yoga as well as restorative, gentle movement practices, and yoga nidra. The yang practices will generally be a slow, strong flow to invigorate the body. 
Learn more about each of us and our teaching at the bottom of the page! 

Yoga & Ayurveda Bonus

Whenever we have had the opportunity to immerse in a multi-day yoga experience we have all experienced coming away more joyful, inspired, grounded, and able to go with the flow of life. This is what we hope to offer to every one that joins in this experience.   

Through this retreat you can expect to: 

  • Experience the calming yet energizing nature of a yoga practice that encompasses both the yin and the yang. 

  • Embody a deeper understanding of what it means to find balance in your life, and walk away with a deeper understanding of yoga and ayurveda practices that can help. 

  • Rejuvenate yourself and your perspective with new experiences and new connections supported by nourishing food, yoga and a relaxed atmosphere. 

Down to the Details...



Le Pianore, South Tuscany - Italy

This Tuscan villa is located on a certified organic farmstead with more than 30 hectares of woodlands traversed by the Zancona river and its tributaries.  With more than 80% of energy coming from renewable sources (solar panels and sustainably managed wood) this family run business is proudly on their way to reaching a goal of total energy self-sufficiency. We will enjoy the bounty of the farmstead including organic wine, honey, olive oil and produce! 


Plan your transportation to meet your exact needs. Transportation is not included so as to allow everyone freedom in arranging their travel. The Rome, Pisa, and Florence airports are all within a 2-3 hour drive of the village we will be staying near, Monticello Amiata. Many people will likely choose to tack on a few extra days before or after our time together and enjoy a little extra exploring.


Sharing a rental car between several people may be the most cost-effective means of transportation, and will allow freedom to explore while at the villa as well. The good news is that in Italy they drive on the same side of the road as us in the US and the steering wheel is on the same side! Transportation could also be hired. Jaime will assist in coordinating as needed, just ask!

Interested in flying with others? We are happy to help coordinate those travel plans as well. 


Make the experience exactly what you want by choosing how you want to spend your time - walking, horseback riding, visiting hot springs, historic villages, wine tasting, food tasting, cooking class - or some more relaxed time spent sitting at a cafe, resting by the pool or getting a massage. There are so many options within a short distance to really soak up the local culture.

With a variety of options, prices range from $160 - $250 USD per day, with something for everyone! Per person costs include: 

  • Daily morning and evening yoga practices woven together to give you a truly nourishing and invigorating retreat experience.

  • Breakfast of home-made yogurt, cereal, fruit, bread, butter, honey and jam, tea, coffee and milk, plus
    a choice between: freshly baked pastry, cheese, cured meat and eggs. (Note: Le Pianore is familiar with adjusting meals to meet various dietary needs!)

  • Tuscan dinner served al fresco as the sun sets over the hills, with wine available to purchase directly from Le Pianore. 

  • The room of your choice! (room prices include all of the above)


UPDATE: Sold Out - please email Jaime if you would like to be on a waitlist, as there is always the possibility something will come available.   

All payments will be non-refundable. To protect your investment against unforeseen circumstances independent travel insurance is highly recommended. 

Ready to reserve your space and start planning for an amazing week? Click to Sign up Now!

Note: you will receive a PayPal invoice from Jaime Boswell. Once you have paid your deposit your spot will be secured. Independent travel insurance is highly recommended as all payments will be non-refundable.  An additional payment of $250 will be due by November 1, and payment in full will be due on March 1, 2019. 


Still have questions? Email Jaime with questions or to set up a time to chat! We want to help you make sure this is the right retreat for you.   

Jaime Boswell

Jaime's passions in life include yoga, travel, adventure, and sharing these things with others. Her mission in business and in life is to help others find more joyful living through yoga. Experiencing a yoga retreat is one of the ways that Jaime has seen students really open to the peace and joy that yoga can bring. As a therapeutic yoga teacher, Jaime also believes in meeting students where there are, and helping them to find a practice that is just right for their unique mind, body and spirit. Jaime has been teaching now for over 12 years, and during that time has had the privilege to continue growing as a student and teacher of yoga. Her formal teacher training has primarily been in the Kripalu tradition, with a 200-hr certification in Kripalu Yoga, and current advanced studies in the Integrative Yoga Therapy program with Joseph LePage at the Kripalu School of Yoga. Jaime’s teaching does not reflect one particular type of yoga, but is influenced by the array of teachers and traditions that have inspired her over the years. Her classes can be described as heart-centered, alignment-based, where students are encouraged to find personal challenge while maintaining a sense of ease.

Kathy Fotterall

Kathy, "a Warrior Goddess in the Wisdom Years”, has spent the last 12 years studying and practicing Yoga. She received her initial 200 hour certification in 2008 from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and went on to complete the 500 hour level training in Yoga Therapy with the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts. With a deep passion for health, Kathy has investigated a variety of healing modalities, including in depth studies in Positional Therapy with Lee Albert at Kripalu. Trainings with Yoganand Michael Carroll, Tias Little, Stephen Cope, and Marlysa Sullivan have all helped Kathy to bring more awareness and healing to herself, and a deeper understanding from which she can fully share all the benefits of yoga with students and friends. Kathy brings to her teaching an enthusiastic belief that the mat is your refuge - the place to be you without judgment, the place of compassion and acceptance to trust yourself first, listen to your body and move into stillness. Kathy steps onto her mat as the teacher with deep gratitude for the wisdom her teachers and students share with her.   

Lisa Ruddy

Lisa is an avid traveler, with a deep love of Italy, good wine, and yoga. Yoga has been a part of Lisa's life for over 10 years. Through the practice she has found strengthening in body, mind and spirit. The immense benefits that she experienced in finding life balance and back pain relief, led to her decision to get certified as a 200 RYT in 2014 in the Kripalu tradition. Lisa also recently completed a 50 hour Yin Yoga training with Bernie Clark and is excited to share with you the wonderful meditative practice of Yin Yoga. Lisa shares that she "loves yoga for the simple fact that it allows me to work within my body's capabilities." Lisa brings to her teaching an understanding, built from her own experiences, that a practice that honors each person's own capabilities will allow them to feel most deeply the benefits of yoga. 

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