Tuscany Retreat

Internal & External Harmony

September 2-9, 2023


The Tuscany retreat is all about enjoying life, travel, food, wine and friends with a sense of calm, serenity, and quieting. Begin each day creating internal harmony, so that you may then find harmony with the external pleasures that Tuscany has to offer.

The yoga practices will invite you to be fully embodied by tuning in deeply to the sensations within, and to practice in a way that leads you towards finding your own internal place of balance and harmony. Choices in practice will be offered to allow each participant to create their own uniquely balancing experience.

Being balanced within will allow you to then soak up the real Tuscany while nestled into a valley surrounded by woodlands, vineyards, olive groves and mountain streams, with spectacular views and untouched landscapes.

Roll out of bed and into a beautiful yoga room to get your day started…with your senses fully awakened from your practice, and mind, body and spirit aligned, move on to enjoy the breakfast that will be awaiting you…the day is then yours to enjoy, walking in the country, relaxing at the villa, wine tasting, wandering villages, perhaps a trip to Siena or the beach…then come back together for an evening meditation, followed by a traditional and absolutely delicious Tuscan dinner as the sun sets over the hills.

This retreat offers you a stress-free way to…

  • start and end your day with a yoga practice with none of life’s daily distractions,
  • learn and practice being truly present and aligned with yourself in your yoga practice and throughout your days,
  • enjoy the natural beauty of the Tuscan hills nestled in a beautiful valley,
  • enjoy traditional Tuscan meals (made with mostly organic and local ingredients) without having to do any of the work to prepare them,
  • explore the local vineyards, olive groves, chestnut woods, cafes and old-world villages,
  • relax in the peacefulness of a villa located on a sustainable farm, surrounded by over 30 hectares of woodlands.

The Details


Each morning we will practice in the beautiful yoga studio just a short stroll from your room. Morning practices will include physical asana practice, breath work and meditation, all guided with options to allow each participant to find the right balance in physical effort and ease, while creating a sense of internal harmony. In the evening, we will come back to recenter within through a guided meditation practice.

Jaime Boswell, your primary teacher for this retreat, is an experienced yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist with a passion for helping individuals find their own unique expression of yoga on the mat and in their lives. Jaime views yoga as a way of living life in balance with your true self, and the practices of yoga as tools to help maintain balance within all aspects of ourselves while living fully in the world.

Click here to learn more about Jaime.


Le Pianore, South Tuscany – Italy

This Tuscan villa is located on a certified organic farmstead with more than 30 hectares of woodlands traversed by the Zancona river and its tributaries.  With more than 80% of energy coming from renewable sources (solar panels and sustainably managed wood) this family run business is proudly on their way to reaching a goal of total energy self-sufficiency. We will enjoy the bounty of the farmstead including organic wine, honey, olive oil and produce!


Group transportation between Florence and Le Pianore will be provided on Saturday, September 2 and Saturday, September 9. We will depart from Florence in the early afternoon to arrive at Le Pianore for a late afternoon check-in. A hotel in Florence will be recommended, stay-tuned.

We will depart from Le Pianore at 10 am on September 9, allowing for an early afternoon arrival back to Florence where you may choose to fly out, catch a train onwards to other destinations, or explore some more.

Florence is well connected via trainlines and an International Airport, providing lots of options for extending your trip before and after the retreat, or flying right in and out.


Make the experience exactly what you want by choosing how you want to spend your time – walking, visiting historic villages, wine tasting, shopping in Siena, a bit of time by the seaside – or some more relaxed time spent sitting at a cafe, resting by the pool or getting a massage.

Transportation will be included for three excursions – a trip to Siena, a visit to a seaside village, and a day of exploring some of the nearby historic villages.

On the days you are not out on an excursion, you can wander the grounds of Le Pianore, lounge by the pool, walk to Monticello Amiata or perhaps book a massage.

The Investment

There are a variety of rooming options, check it all out below and see what would work best for you. Per person costs range from $2020 – $2450 and include:

  • Six morning yoga practices and five evening meditation practices woven together to give you a truly nourishing and balancing retreat experience.
  • Breakfast of home-made yogurt, cereal, fruit, bread, butter, honey and jam, tea, coffee and milk, plus freshly baked pastry, cheese, cured meat and eggs. (Note: Le Pianore is familiar with adjusting meals to meet various dietary needs!)

  • Tuscan dinner served al fresco (weather permitting) as the sun sets over the hills,

  • Transportation between Florence and Le Pianore at the beginning and end of the retreat, and transportation for three excursions while at Le Pianore.

Not included, but available…

  • Wine and a few other drink choices are available to purchase directly from Le Pianore. ​

  • Lunch can be ordered daily – you are likely to find Le Pianore so lovely that you won’t want to leave everyday – so if you choose to stick around, lunch will happily be provided for an additional cost.

A non-refundable payment of $500 will secure your reservation. Full payment will be due March 1, 2023. All payments will be non-refundable. To protect your investment against unforeseen circumstances independent travel insurance is highly recommended.

Room Types

Please note this retreat is limited to 11 – 15 participants. Rooms will be filled in the order of registration and in a way that makes the most sense for meeting the needs of all participants.

Sold-out: Please email to be placed on a waitlist. 

Single Occupancy with en suite bathroom – $2450 (full)

Single Occupancy with shared bathroom – $2200 (full)

Note: bathroom joins two rooms and will only be shared with one other person.

Double Occupancy with en suite bathroom – $2020 per person (full)

Please book with a traveling companion.


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