Savor the Moment: A Pine Island Day Retreat


        10:30 - 4:30, February 1, 2020

   with Jaime Boswell & Kathy Fotterall

      The Green Planet Farm - Bokeelia

 ~ Limited to Twenty-Five Participants ~

"Presence. Your thoughts create. Your actions matter. Your presence changes everything. Align with your essence, know your place, stand up fully in yourself, and greet each moment afresh." ~ Kathy Tyler & Joy Drake
Clear and cultivate the sweet, stable, soft spot within to prepare for personal growth, joy and peace.
Deep within we always know what we need, we just need to take the time to slow down and listen. Practicing in nature, surrounded by the five elements - earth, water, fire, air, space - you will be reminded of your true nature, joy!
During this retreat, take the time to connect with yourself externally and internally, and find your wisdom and true essence. Explore what it is that is holding you back from experiencing more joy and living your most authentic life. Deepen your practice, and plant the seeds for growth. 
The practice of yoga - of deepening self-awareness, of letting go and realizing your full potential and deep joy - is a journey of the self which is enriched and strengthened when you walk the path with others. 
If you are interested in connecting, deepening your yoga practice, and cultivating your true potential, join us!!!
This retreat is open to all levels of practice, only open minds and open hearts required.  

Through this single day retreat you can expect to: 

  • Move through an all-levels practice to align with your essence,

  • Rest and rejuvenate through a deep guided healing relaxation (yoga nidra), 

  • Walk, talk, eat and connect with others on the same path as you, and  

  • Take away a deeper understanding of how to savor all moments in your life. 

Down to the Details...

Let's Talk Food

We will be providing a fresh, healthy lunch, please let us know if you have any allergies or restrictions we should be aware of.

The Location

The Green Planet Farm is located in Bokeelia, and offers us a place to practice surrounded by nature. To get there turn down the dirt road directly across Stringfellow Road from the Bokeelia Fire Station. We will be practicing in open air, and undercover from the elements in the farms pavilion.  

What to Bring

  • Yoga mat, yoga blocks - let us know if you don't have them, we will bring some for you.

  • Wear comfortable clothing for yoga, and be prepared for a low-key walk outdoors on grass and dirt roads. You may wish to have a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen etc. for the walk.  

  • A salad bowl or plate, utensils, a mug/cup, and a water bottle.  

The Investment

Early registration - $80 for a day of deep yoga practice and study, a healthy nourishing lunch, and time to savor a day of being present. The cost will increase to $90 on March 10. 

Sound good? Email to inquire about a last minute registration!

Yoga & Ayurveda Bonus

Jaime Boswell

Jaime's passions in life include yoga, travel, adventure, and sharing these things with others. Her mission in business and in life is to help others find more joyful living through yoga. Experiencing a yoga retreat is one of the ways that Jaime has seen students really open to the peace and joy that yoga can bring. As a therapeutic yoga teacher, Jaime also believes in meeting students where there are, and helping them to find a practice that is just right for their unique mind, body and spirit. Jaime has been teaching now for over 12 years, and during that time has had the privilege to continue growing as a student and teacher of yoga. Her formal teacher training has primarily been in the Kripalu tradition, with a 200-hr certification in Kripalu Yoga, and 800-hr in advanced studies in the Kripalu Integrative Yoga Therapy program with Joseph LePage at the Kripalu School of Yoga. Jaime’s teaching does not reflect one particular type of yoga, but is influenced by the array of teachers and traditions that have inspired her over the years. Her classes can be described as heart-centered, alignment-based, where students are encouraged to find personal challenge while maintaining a sense of ease.

Kathy Fotterall

Kathy, "a Warrior Goddess in the Wisdom Years”, has spent the last 12 years studying and practicing Yoga. She received her initial 200 hour certification in 2008 from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, and went on to complete the 500 hour level training in Yoga Therapy with the Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts. With a deep passion for health, Kathy has investigated a variety of healing modalities, including in depth studies in Positional Therapy with Lee Albert at Kripalu. Trainings with Yoganand Michael Carroll, Tias Little, Stephen Cope, and Marlysa Sullivan have all helped Kathy to bring more awareness and healing to herself, and a deeper understanding from which she can fully share all the benefits of yoga with students and friends. Kathy brings to her teaching an enthusiastic belief that the mat is your refuge - the place to be you without judgment, the place of compassion and acceptance to trust yourself first, listen to your body and move into stillness. Kathy steps onto her mat as the teacher with deep gratitude for the wisdom her teachers and students share with her.   

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