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Whole Soul Wellness Yoga Therapy is an opportunity for you to learn and develop unique practices that support you in meeting your personal wellness goals, whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. The process begins with your yoga therapist truly getting to know you through both seeing you physically and hearing about you, your goals and your challenges. Through the process of getting to know you, your yoga therapist can then meet you exactly where you are, honor who you are, and help you move towards feeling your best possible in mind, body and spirit.         

Why yoga therapy?

Yoga therapy is a mix of ancient and modern. Historically yoga was taught one on one, a student had a teacher who knew them personally and would teach them particular practices based on their unique journey through life. 

Today, yoga is mostly taught through group classes where teachers try to meet the general needs of all the students collectively, and where the teachers often (not always) have very little training and personal experience. 

Yoga therapy goes back to the roots of yoga with a personalized approach to practice, the yoga therapist also brings into the equation a modern understanding of the science of yoga, and how to adapt yoga practices in relation to personal needs, medical diagnoses, limitations, challenges or goals.  

So Who Can Benefit?  

Really, anyone can benefit who is interested in exploring a holistic approach to improved well-being, and who is willing and ready to do the practices to lead to the desired changes. Some of the specific reasons you might seek out yoga therapy, include:       

  • Chronic Conditions & Diseases – cancer, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, osteoporosis, auto-immune  
  • Mental Health – depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, chronic stress, insomnia
  • Recovery from Injury or Illness – broken bones, strains, surgery, COVID, pneumonia
  • Spiritual Wellness – life purpose, core limiting beliefs, finding more joy & connection
  • Developing a True Personal Practice – identifying the practices that will help you meet your goals. 

Yoga Therapy Options

Yoga therapy is most beneficial when you commit to a series of sessions during which you explore together with the yoga therapist your personal goals, challenges, and over time the practices to help move you forward to increased well-being.

In most cases, it is recommended that you commit to a series of ongoing yoga therapy sessions, either in combination with group classes through the Unlimited Plus Membership, or through the Yoga Therapy Package. 

One time sessions are available, and may be booked to explore specific adaptations or inquiries around one particular wellness goal or health challenge.

Unlimited Plus Membership – $140/month (limited availability)

Includes one online private yoga therapy session per month (recording provided)

Access to all live-stream group classes (at least 20 classes offered per month)

Full access to the Content Library which includes recordings of all classes offered in the preceding 30 days. 

Yoga Therapy Package – $360

Includes four individual sessions over four months (recordings provided)

Individual Session – $95

One 60-minute individual session

Booking Sessions

Available times for booking yoga therapy sessions with Jaime can be seen by clicking through using the link below. If you do not see a time that will work for you, please send an inquiry about alternative availability or for a referral to another yoga therapist. Prior to booking a session you will need to purchase a yoga therapy pass. Please email with any questions.

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Your Investment

$95 – $360 – $140/month

Everyone’s journey starts somewhere, are  you ready to begin your journey towards lifelong well-being? 

It is as simple as 1. Clicking the Get Started Button 2. Creating an Account 3. Purchasing Your Pass or Membership 4. Signing the Online Waiver 5. Registering for your Sessions

If exploring a yoga therapy package or membership, you will be sent an intake form to complete and send back prior to your first session, this is an important step in the process so please take some time with it. 

Your first session will typically last 75-90 minutes, with follow-up sessions lasting 60-75 minutes.


The yoga therapy services of Whole Soul Wellness Yoga are provided by Jaime Boswell, a certified yoga therapist with a Certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapy (C-IAYT), and are not associated with Jaime’s eRYT-200 or 500-RYT status with Yoga Alliance.