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Experience the Benefits of Regular Practice


Whole Soul Wellness Yoga is here to provide an accessible, self-empowering way for you to practice yoga regularly online within a small, supportive community. We care about our community members, and truly want to know you and help you experience the benefits of yoga. When you practice within the Whole Soul community regularly we believe you will find more ease in your body, peace in your mind, joy in your spirit and connection to community. 

Practicing yoga regularly offers so many benefits!

We all know it, and yet it can be really hard to make that happen for many reasons, right? 

We understand and really want to help you make it happen! That is why accessibility is one of the key factors for Whole Soul – if yoga is more accessible, more people will personally benefit, and the world as a whole will benefit. So here is how we are breaking down the barriers.

Barrier #1 Affordability

Our Answer – We provide unlimited access to at least 20 classes per month for $70 – this breaks down to $3.50 per class – please contact us if you find these costs are ever a barrier.  

Barrier #2 My Body Can’t Do That

Our Answer – We offer adaptive yoga classes that meet you where you are, give you what you need, and do not equate an advanced yoga practice with the ability to stand on your head or touch your toes. 

Barrier #3 I Can’t Always Make it to Class 

Our Answer – Participating from home makes it much easier to work yoga into your schedule, and when you can’t make it live, you can access the video recordings when it does work for you. 

Barrier #4 Online is So Impersonal

Our Answer – We encourage connection before class begins and we love to hear from you through email, please send us your questions and comments!

Barrier #5 I am not Comfortable Going to a Studio

Our Answer – Online classes are perfect for this reason. There are lots of reasons people may not feel comfortable at a studio. With the Whole Soul online experience you are in control of your environment and you can always choose whether you keep your video on or off, and whether you see other students or just the teacher. Our classes are always about you feeling supported and at ease to explore what is right for you with no need to worry about what you look like, it is all about what you feel. 

Membership or Drop-in Options

Unlimited Membership – $70/month

  • Free 2-week trial – if you don’t want to continue simply email to cancel and you can switch to a different option
  • Access to all live-stream group classes (at least 20 classes offered per month)
  • Full access to the Content Library which includes recordings of all classes offered in the preceding 30 days. 
  • Add an additional family member for a total of $100/month for both of you.

Four Class Membership – $50/month

  • Includes 4 class passes per month, applicable to any general or pop-up classes
  • Video access provided for 30 days to classes you attend or are booked  into 

    Drop-in – $15/class

  • Buy a one-class pass, then sign up for any general class (be sure to purchase the pass first!)
  • Video access provided for 30 days to classes you attend or are booked  into 

Our Classes

The following classes are generally offered three weeks per month, with a whole month of video classes always available on demand. Additional pop-up classes are also included on a monthly basis. You are invited in all of our classes to adapt the practices to fit your needs.

Slow, Mindful Yoga  – a meditative movement practice meant to bring you fully into the present moment by bringing awareness to breath, body and mind. The class is intended to sooth and build resilience within your nervous system, while also guiding you to experience and embody core qualities essential for finding deep well-being, peace and joy.

Centered Strength – focuses on building body awareness, stability around joints and in postures, and strength in the physical body and mind. The class explores movements and holding in postures, and students are encouraged to challenge themselves in a way that feels strengthening and steady.

Finding Stillness (once per month) –  a 30-minute class focused on the non-physical aspects of yoga, including breath awareness, breath practices, mudra, meditation, and yoga nidra. The class can be taken as a stand alone practice or in addition to the preceding class.

Nourish – designed to provide nourishment to your nervous system and entire body using a variety of yogic tools, including breath work, gentle somatic movements, restorative postures, and guided relaxation. Bringing the nervous system into a state of deep relaxation promotes overall health and a deep sense of well-being.

Deepen – a class are for individuals with a strong foundational knowledge of yoga that are looking for a practice that combines the physical practice of yoga with philosophy, meditation, breath-work and other yogic tools. Each class is a chance to embody the wisdom of yoga philosophy.

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Choose Your Investment

$15 – $50 – $70


“My monthly membership helps me with my personal commitment to take care of my physical, mental and emotional needs. It provides a structure to my life that keeps me grounded and more at ease with the challenges of every day life.”

Martha, 57, Florida

“This membership has been a lifesaver for me over the past many months – allowing me to consistently be a part of this wonderful online community even when I travel. Jaime and Kathy have a lovely calming and supportive approach to yoga. Every class is unique, and I always learn something new to add to my practice, or to think about in daily life.”

Marcia, 67, Massachusetts & Florida

“I have practiced yoga for many years but have never been able to follow through with more than one or two classes per week.  I am doing 4 to 5 classes per week now with Whole Soul. I love the classes and appreciate that I am encouraged to do what is best for me with many suggestions on alternatives to each pose.”

Donna, 69, Michigan

Nothing to Lose & So Much to Gain

Are you ready to get started? All you have to do is commit to a month of giving it a try, if it is not for you, no worries. You are free to cancel your membership at anytime, simply send an email with your request to cancel a few days prior to your renewal date.

We would love to welcome you in to the Whole Soul Community!

Choose Your Investment

$15 – $50 – $70

Some of the benefits you may realize:

  • More ease in your body = the ability to keep doing the things you enjoy
  • More peace in your mind = better sleep, less stress, more focus
  • More joy in your spirit = uncover your ability to find joy in everyday life
  • Connection = come together in a supportive and welcoming community

Everyone’s journey starts somewhere, are  you ready to begin your journey towards lifelong well-being? 

It is as simple as 1. Clicking the Join Now Button 2. Creating an Account 3. Purchasing Your Membership 4. Signing the Online Waiver 5. Registering for Classes