Experience the Benefits of Regular Practice from the Comfort of Your Home

Whole Soul Wellness Yoga provides slow, mindful yoga for middle-aged (and older) adults to relieve stress, and cultivate a clear mind and a strong body, supporting a purposeful and joyful life. 

Class Styles

Slow, Mindful Yoga – a meditative movement practice meant to bring you fully into the present moment by bringing awareness to breath, body and mind. The class is intended to sooth and build resilience within your nervous system, while also guiding you to experience and embody core qualities essential for finding deep well-being, peace and joy.

Centered Strength Yoga – focuses on building body awareness, stability around joints and in postures, and strength in the physical body and mind. The class explores movements and holding in postures, and students are encouraged to challenge themselves in a way that feels strengthening and steady.

Release & Realign – is designed to encourage the release of muscular tension and the realignment of the body for optimal well-being. The class combines therapeutic yoga practices and Hannah Somatics exercises. For optimal results, practitioners are encouraged to practice the techniques in between class sessions, and to attend all classes in a series either in person or by video.

Class Series

Participation in a class series is encouraged so that you may receive the benefit of commitment to a regular practice and progression with practices over the six-week series. When you purchase a series ticket for $75, in addition to being able to participate via livestream, you also receive access to the full video content library (over 100 video classes). All classes are uploaded to the content library shortly after the livestream, allowing you to continue participation in the series even if you cannot make it live.

Joining two summer series? Use discount code 2seriesdiscount for $30 off your second series. Discounts are also available for anyone in financial need, please reach out, I am happy to work with you.

Slow Mindful Yoga Summer Series – Tuesday, 10:00am EST – May 14 to June 25 (no class May 28) – this series of 75-minute classes will focus on traditional yoga asana (postures) to enliven the body and will end with a 20-minute grounding yoga nidra practice that offer healing to all aspects of your being.  

Centered Strength Summer Series – Thursday, 10:00am EST – May 16 to June 27 (no class May 30) – this series of 60-minute classes will use a mixture of breath practices, somatic practices, bodyweight exercises and yoga asana to explore and encourage core stability.

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“My monthly membership helps me with my personal commitment to take care of my physical, mental and emotional needs. It provides a structure to my life that keeps me grounded and more at ease with the challenges of every day life.”

Martha, 57, North Carolina

“This membership has been a lifesaver for me over the past many months – allowing me to consistently be a part of this wonderful online community even when I travel. Jaime and Kathy have a lovely calming and supportive approach to yoga. Every class is unique, and I always learn something new to add to my practice, or to think about in daily life.”

Marcia, 67, Massachusetts & Florida

“I have practiced yoga for many years but have never been able to follow through with more than one or two classes per week.  I am doing 4 to 5 classes per week now with Whole Soul. I love the classes and appreciate that I am encouraged to do what is best for me with many suggestions on alternatives to each pose.”

Donna, 69, Michigan