Whole Soul Wellness Yoga provides slow, mindful yoga for middle-aged (and older) adults to relieve stress, and cultivate a clear mind and a strong body.

You really can practice yoga, and feel good during the practice, even if you are not as young and flexible, as all those models you see doing crazy poses in the magazines. Let’s face it, most people will experience challenges like back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, joint replacements and stiffer, less-mobile bodies with age.

At Whole Soul Wellness Yoga we believe this is the perfect time to turn to yoga to help you feel better, and not to turn away thinking it is not for you. In fact our mission is to offer accessible, adaptive and self-empowering yoga so that people just like you can enjoy the benefits of more ease in your body, peace in your mind, and joy in your spirit throughout your life’s journey.   

Yoga Therapy

Personalize your yoga practice to help you meet your wellness goals for body, mind and spirit, with individual private yoga therapy sessions.


Online Classes

Practice from the comfort of home, or wherever life takes you, within a warm and welcoming community. Livestream classes, class-series and extensive video library available now. 


Retreats & Workshops

Come together in community, online or in beautiful destinations, to deepen your understanding and experience of yoga and yourself. 


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    Amazing classes! Your class offerings are a warm and bright candle for me during this long COVID winter. My body and my soul are soooo grateful.

    Lorelei M.

    Your style of yoga has helped me so much. I’ve gone from barely being able to get up or down to the floor to really feeling like I have a good grasp on how yoga works in my body, and my strength has improved since the onset of Lyme disease. You are a testament to my wellbeing.

    Stacy S.

    Your integration of body, emotion and soul is so unusual….and so comforting. Physically, the moves are just challenging enough for me.  At 77, one starts to see the compacting of the skeleton…your moves are working against that. Most important, there is a connection with something ethereal that I have come to relish and rest in.

    Jan S.

    While I certainly think that I have had some good teachers, Jaime Boswell is in a class by herself. I go in for a class and I am able to fully participate in the class “mindfully”.  While in the midst of the class, I don’t always recognize the difference her instruction makes in familiar poses.  I really recognize it after the class when I leave feeling calm, but also recognizing that somehow, I was really challenged in the class.

    Mary R.

    I didn’t think I would enjoy online zoom yoga as much as I do but I really do enjoy it online even more!  It is so convenient for me too since I’m in NY part of the time (Florida the rest) and to practice in the comfort of my home with a teacher I really enjoy is perfect! I don’t have to worry about getting dressed up either since most times I am not viewable. I’m glad you’re keeping this up online!

    Melissa K.

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