So here we are, Summer 2021, where in much of the United States life feels like it is getting back to “normal”. It is common to hear people expressing that there are aspects of the pandemic life that they want to hold onto, and that there are aspects of pre-pandemic life that they want to get back to and yet some fear and anxiety are still present.

Before we get too far “back to normal” it seems like a good time to reflect on intentionally deciding on what stays, what goes, what are you ready to bring back in, and what might you need to set boundaries around to keep out.

How can you live intentionally in alignment with your priorities as this shift to “normal” happens? Perhaps take a moment to jot down what your priorities are and/or what feeds your soul.

Now consider the following questions…

What stays? 

What have you cherished about the past year? What fed your soul or helped you to feel your best? Perhaps it was more down time, or more regular yoga practice, less big crowds and more intimate connections. Whatever it was for you, take a moment to consider setting an intention around how you can keep these things as a part of your life.

A few things on my list…

  • Online teaching & book club
  • Strength training to feel my best and so I can do the things I love
  • Online classes with my teachers
  • Quiet time at home

What goes?

What do you want to let go of from the past year? Even if you are not ready, or it isn’t quite the right time for you yet to do so, what do you want to let go of when it feels safe to do so? And what will indicate when it is time for you?

The one thing that comes to mind for me is fear, anxiety and discomfort being around people in situations where I did not feel this before the pandemic. I am currently working with this by observing the feelings and as long as I feel I am actually safe, letting them come and go…not always easy.

What are you ready to bring back?

What do you miss? Are there things that feed your soul that you had to let go of for the past year? How can you intentionally start bringing these things back in?

My number 1 thing here is International travel! First personal travel and then I really look forward to getting back to Whole Soul retreats in 2022. I am thrilled to be dipping my toes back into planning an overseas adventure soon, and hope to spend time with many of you retreating in the future.

What stays out?

What do you not miss? Are there things you see creeping back in that you don’t like? How might you set boundaries around these things in a way that prioritizes your wellbeing?

Something I learned from a dear friend and colleague is to prioritize having time when I do not work. Sunday is the day I almost never do anything work related, so even though the calendar is open that day, I am not going to send that email or schedule a private session. If I take a class that day it is for personal fulfillment and experience not as a training for work.

Are there things you might benefit from prioritizing and setting boundaries around, so those other things don’t creep back in and take over? Perhaps it is your yoga practice, your quiet time, time in nature, or anything else that may not seem critical yet really, truly is because it is inherent to your wellbeing.

Living with Intention

Yoga is a practice that can help us to live with intention. Yoga is a practice of self-study, so it can help us become more aware of what serves us and what does not. Yoga is also a practice of discipline and can help us to prioritize the things that will help us be our best. Yoga is also a practice that helps us remember we are part of the bigger whole, and when we all are at our best it is ultimately in service to others.

How can you be your best? What intentions can help guide you in your life? When you are in alignment with your best self, how does this serve others?

Don’t worry you don’t need to get it all perfect…as the Bhagavad Gita (one of the early writings on yoga) says “It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.”

Hope to see you in practice soon!