About Whole Soul

Hi, I’m Jaime Boswell, a yoga therapist and owner of Whole Soul Wellness Yoga. I am passionate about sharing the transformative and healing practices of yoga with people in a way that honors varying physical abilities, injuries, and challenges that arise along the journey of life. I partner with like-minded teachers to bring to you classes and retreats which offer a welcoming place for middle-aged and older adults to explore self-empowering, accessible and adaptive practices rooted in the wisdom teachings of yoga. 

My Story

My yoga story began as a stressed, lonely, unhealthy 25 year old transitioning from graduate school to a new job as an environmental scientist in southwest Florida.

On the recommendation of a friend, I began practicing yoga at home using VHS tapes, something just clicked and I was hooked. I practiced and studied on my own almost daily from the start and my mind, body and spirit transformed as I found a new way of being.

I began teaching yoga in 2006 and started sharing the practices with others in my community. Simply as a factor of the local demographics my students have always been predominantly middle-aged and older adults, and they often shared with me the physical changes and challenges they were experiencing.

At some point I realized the training I had done had not fully prepared me to help my students, so I paused my teaching for a little while, and dove back in to studying. With over 1000 hours of additional training, I am now a certified yoga therapist with a much deeper understanding of how to adapt yoga practices to meet the ever changing needs of my students.

The other teachers that I partner with all have extensive training going well beyond the minimum requirements for teaching yoga, and they also have a personal passion for teaching adaptive, accessible, and deeply meaningful yoga.

Our Classes

Whole Soul yoga classes are always intended to provide practices that speak to your whole being – body, mind and spirit. Day to day and year to year what you need can change. Our classes provide a way to continue practicing through all of life’s inevitable changes. Find the class that speaks to your whole soul and join us online.

Your Mind

Every class is an invitation to quiet and bring awareness to your mind, and an opportunity to increase your ability to focus your mind in every day life.

Your Body

Our classes adapt to meet the changing needs of your body. Each student is encouraged to find the way of practicing that helps them feel the right combination of steadiness and ease.

Your Spirit

Through the practice of quieting your mind, finding movement, steadiness and ease in your body, we hope at the end of each class you can then rest in connection with your spirit.

Your Teachers

Whole Soul teachers are compassionate, caring, everyday people with a passion for studying and sharing the teachings of yoga. We have all experienced the benefits of yoga and want to help you experience the same. Please let us know how we can best help you, we really and truly care about you.

Jaime Boswell, MS, C-IAYT, eRYT

When I think of what it is that I really want people to know about me as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, the first thing that comes to mind is acceptance and accessibility. I see yoga as something that can be practiced by anyone of any age, body type, or physical ability. Yoga to me is never about what you can do, it is more about what you are willing to explore, let go of and accept.

Yoga Studies: Kripalu School of Integrative Yoga Therapy (800-hour Professional Yoga Therapist), Discovery Yoga (200-hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher), Ayurveda & Yoga, Sensory-Enhanced Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga for Radiant Health

Influential Teachers: Joseph LePage, Cathy Prescott, Atmadarshan Laura Santoro, Maria Mendola, Marlysa Sullivan, Deva Parnell, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Chaya Sharon Heller, Todd Norian, Deb Keene

Things I Love: adventures, hiking, sailing, biking, paddling, time with my husband and friends, solo-time, studying yoga

Kathy Fotterall, CYT-500

I found my way to yoga at the end of a career as a business owner where I shared my love of creating beauty as a florist. Yoga has been a way to come back to myself. I now find my mat to be a place of refuge and want to share with my students that this is a place to be without judgement, the place of compassion and acceptance to trust yourself first, a place to listen to your body and move into stillness.

Yoga Studies: Pranakriya School of Yoga Healing Arts (500-hour Yoga Therapy Training), Kripalu School of Yoga (200-hour Teacher Training), Ayurveda & Yoga, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Therapeutic Yoga for Radiant Health, Restorative Yoga

Influential Teachers: Lee Albert, Marlysa Sullivan, Chaya Sharon Heller, Yoganand Michael Carroll, Todd Norian, Stephen Cope, Melissa Smith Wilkinson, and Jaime Boswell

Things I Love: sewing, cooking, walking, nature, connecting with friends, studying yoga

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